Sunday, September 27, 2009

Layouts and leftovers

Ok not really leftovers but it was a catchy title don't ya think? lol

It's been a pretty busy week for me. I had to prepare for MOPS and get my responsibilities for that done. I had to work my 5 hours each day (which I still have time to make up - will do that after I post this) and had to gets things ready for Pete to leave today for his 2 weeks of school. Thank goodness this is his last session and won't have to go back anymore! Woot woot! biggrin

I'm kinda shocked that I got a layout done and some SVG files. I haven't been able to test cut them yet though. I will post them anyway with the disclaimer that there is the possibility they will not work and I'll have to fix them. They should work but I'm not making any promises.

Here is the layout I did. It is of my dad when he was around 12 (he's 78 now!) and his brother (who passed away in 2007). I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. And so proud of myself that I didn't use a sketch. Normally I can't scrap without at least starting with one but this one just kind of came together by itself.

And here are the SVG files that I have made.

Click on the picture to download the file.
If you do happen to cut them please let me know if they work or not so I can fix them if I need to.

Have a great week!


LaBonita said...

Awesome LO, Diana!! Great how you folded those corners! Thanks for the new SVG's.

Jaime said...

LOVE that LO Diana! And look at all you're accomplishing with LO's, SVGs, go girl! Miss ya! :)